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Requirement: To train 12 seasoned photojournalists to be better video shooters.
Solution: We designed 6 classroom sessions in which they worked on 2 practical assignments, analysed videos, group edited their pieces, scripted, and planned shoots. This challenged them conceptually and technically, helping to bring their videos to life using our 3 core storytelling concepts; Audience, Emotion and Story.

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Requirement: To challenge the comms team to think of different ways to use video in internal and external communications. 
Solution: Together we analysed a selection of corporate videos, produced a short piece with a cameraman and editor, had a practical session honing their interviewing skills with an actor, advised on camera equipment & editing software solutions.

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Requirement: To refresh and inspire the innovation team with creative video training. 

Solution: The workshop challenged the team to investigate their core assumptions. Why do they use video and is their messaging effective? They had to write scripts, pitch ideas, shoot and edit sequences that tested them technically and editorially in new ways.

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Requirement: To train 10 members of the internal communications team to shoot with Canon video cameras.

Solution: The workshop was split into technical, theoretical and practical sections. Emphasis was given to creating as much hands-on experience as possible, with the aim of building confidence throughout the day.

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Requirement: To train 5 members of the communications team on narrative storytelling with a post production focus.

Solution: The workshop aimed at reconnecting the team with their love of film and turning that enthusiasm back into their work. Tips and tricks in the edit for giving them more room to craft and burnish the story, rather than getting bogged down in technicality, was greatly received.

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Requirement: To train 2 marketing team members in narrative storytelling.

Solution: The workshop focused on their current content and how it could be repurposed with a fresh objective. The session aimed to enthuse and empower the team who had become stuck in a creative rut.


TRAIN: Testimonials

"...A practical session that really tested us, in a safe environment....a memorable learning experience.”



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