Various promos cut for Territory Studio London to showcase

their feature film, VFX, UI, and design work.

All work kindly displayed with permission of Territory Studio.



Territory created screen graphics for the sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic film. With an open brief to reconsider technology interfaces and interaction systems. Working across 15 sets, Territory delivered over 100 assets for on set playback, also driving the design direction for those concepts delivered to post.



Territory were tapped to create holographic control surfaces and display systems for the iconic Jaeger robots in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Sky Super League Titles


Sky Creative Advertising tapped Territory to design new opening titles and content for the dedicated Super League channel. Designed to tie in with Sky Sports rebranding and its emphasis on personality, Territory was asked to push beyond genre conventions with a modern twist on the spirit of the game. The result is a highly stylised 2D cel animation that features a dynamic collage of all the Super League team mascots. Created to tell the story of the battle for the championship, the title sequence conveys the energy, drama and passion of the sport.

HERE CES: Envisaging an autonomous world

A key event for HERE Technologies, CES2018 afforded an opportunity to present an impactful large scale installation that demonstrated the benefits of the company's future facing products and services. With a vision to bring the autonomous world of 2050 to life, Territory was commissioned by creative agency B-Reel to bring this rich world to HERE's presence at the show.


After a successful collaboration on the short film Miles, director and screen writer Oliver Daly once again asked Territory to create the unique robot vision for A-X-L, his feature film debut about a canine-styled AI unit designed for Attack, Exploration and Logistics.


Territory Studio was tasked to create rich graphic elements to support director Steven Spielberg’s vision for the real and virtual worlds of Ready Player One. Delivering over 265 VFX shots and over 80 unique assets, the team touched the majority of sequences in the film that feature interactive UI on monitors, visors, HUDs and 3D environmental signage.


Film UI from Territory Studio


Coming on board in pre-production, Territory was briefed to concept, design and animate screen graphic content for on set and VFX delivery.



Territory was invited to create screen graphics for Electric Dreams, the new TV series based on Philip K Dick’s short stories, aired on Prime Now and Channel 4.


life at Work is a beautiful echogram of the studio’s creative activity on any one day. A playful interpretation of data feeds taken from Territory’s internal render farm, the live installation reveals the digital heartbeat of our studio.

Showcased at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Snap Finger Click - Quiz Time

inspired by Territory's work on Prometheus and Avengers: Age of Ultron, game developers Snap Finger Click asked Territory to create in-game environments for their new online Quiz Time game.